Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo book Embellished Project Life Style

It has been a long time since I have had a chance to craft and I am about to go crazy.  Life has just prevented me from my crafty passion for the time being.  With a 2 year old and now a 2 month old, I just cannot seem to find the time.  So I have to take advantage of every second I get to make something pretty.

As I mentioned before, I am not much of a scrapbooker (yet!).  My daughter loves having her picture taken so I do take a lot of photos of her.  Now that my son has joined the world, I have another subject to photograph.  My intentions are to fill scrapbooks with loads of memories, but I am just lacking the time.  I have been loving this "Project Life" thing I have seen enter the scrapbook world here in the last few years.  It seems like a quick method to get your memories documented without a lot of time and effort.  I like how you can fill each pocket with different embellishments like tiny art cards that coordinate with the photos or just fill a spot on the page.

I want to do this type of scrapbooking, but I need to work with what I have.  So here is my take on a standard photo book embellished project life style.

It was really fun to use up scrap paper, washi tape, punches and my tiny stamps to embellish each pocket in a unique way.  I have attached each photo only at the top of each piece decorative paper insert using washi tape so I can add photo details and additional journaling under the photo.

I am able to do a few inserts here and there when I get time which helps me get creative but doesn't require me to call in a babysitter for my two goonies!!


  1. This photo book project is really cool and the fact that recycled materials can be used to add embellishments makes it even better! People who are into recycling will surely find this very interesting! Thank you for this wonderful idea!