Label Definitions

E2C - Every 2nd Counts - These are cards that take 10 minutes or less to create.  These type of cards tend to be clean and simple (CAS) and are my favorite type to create!

O2T - On 2nd Thought - These are cards created based on another crafter's creation.  I will share the link of the inspiration piece if available.  Example

I will also classify my cards that I re-work several times during the coarse of creation that end up (in my mind) different from my original plan/idea. Example

P2P - Page 2 Page - These are my scrapbook page creations.

G2G - Glory 2 God - Any card or project that places the focus on God, faith, church...etc.

T2P - Time 2 Party - Any card or project that can be used for a themed party (invitations, cupcake picks, garland...etc).

Tips - I will share my ideas, tips and tricks to save time or use supplies in a different manner under this label.

Misc. - Miscellaneous -   Any random paper crafting project will end up here.


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